Save on energy

Peaksaver Plus is a great way to save on energy. Now, that being said just signing up and having a thermostat installed in your house is not going to save you money. Just like buying a Ferrari does not make you a better driver. You have to learn how to drive it to benefit from it’s greatness. The Peaksaver Plus program gives you the tools and education needed to save on energy.

How does the program work?

The purpose of the program is to eliminate blacks outs caused by not enough power to supply the demand at a given time. This generally only happens during “peak” Air Conditioning times of the year. Air Conditioners (AC’s) are one of the biggest pigs for electrical energy we use. When it’s 35 degree’s outside and 10 million users have there inside temperatures set to 23, the AC’s have to work over time in order to satisfy that temp request. The average AC draws about 4000 watts (4 Kilowatts) of electrical energy per hour. To keep a building 12 degrees colder than the outside temperature means that that AC unit will be running pretty much non stop, depending on some building parameters. For example, If the building well insulated, is it a tight or loose house (meaning whats the leakage), how big is the Fan in your furnace, is it running on all speeds and in good working order. These things will all have an effect on how much the AC needs to work to keep the desired inside temperature.